A private equity firm with the mindset to question, and the operating experience to deliver. At FSC, we combine Enabling TechnologiesTM with proven credentials to create a uniquely responsive environment for radical asset transformation.

Our partners have all worked at the forefront of financial services, and with an understanding of the values and the culture that drive the sector, we’re in the best place to reshape it. By leveraging our expertise, we find new solutions to old challenges – focusing on enhancing the customer experience to enhance the prospects for our portfolio.
Blending this firm focus with our proven technologies puts us in a unique position to unlock value. We bring infrastructure and systems up to speed to improve efficiency, push productivity, grow revenue and – ultimately – build a platform for future value creation.

Operational expertise

Leveraging years of experience gained in the heart of the financial services sector to transform firms from within.

Enabling TechnologiesTM

Drawing on a suite of smart technologies to streamline processes and drive operational efficiencies.

Traditional private equity approach
Identifying opportunities for strategic growth and acting decisively to ensure maximum value creation.
A dynamic, responsive environment for radical asset transformation